Upgraded Sense-abilities: Meet the Newest Edge Sense Feature

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Earlier this year we elevated our smartphone game with the side-squeezing power of Edge Sense, which has become one of the highest rated apps on the Google Play store. Because innovation never rests, we’re making Edge Sense even more one-handed friendly by making it compatible with your favorite apps.

With the original Edge Sense, you could quickly launch an app or snap a photo with just a squeeze. Now you can use Edge Sense as an alternative to tap or double tap features within your favorite apps. To make things even better, you can assign a short and long squeeze command to more than one app. Squeezes will also work simultaneously inside multiple apps, so you can quickly switch between apps and still use Edge Sense on the fly.

If you’re already using Edge Sense to snap photos or switch between front and rear cameras, now you can also do that using the Instagram and Facebook cameras. You can squeeze to zoom-in on Google Maps. You can play and pause music with a squeeze when your music is playing in the background, even if your screen is off. In fact, the newest Edge Sense can support any music app that follows Android’s music control standard.

With this update we’re pre-loading options for 6 popular apps, but more advanced users can utilize our easy-to-use interface to customize functions for your favorite apps. Each particular app’s unique design will determine how the Edge Sense feature works.

The Edge Sense update is available to all HTC U11s via the Play Store. The update is an opt-in program that will continue to grow as we look to perfect this experience. It’s also a chance for you to provide your feedback so we can continue to incorporate and refine the features that you want. We hope you have fun experimenting with the latest Edge Sense, and we look forward to your feedback to make it even better. Go ahead and give it a squeeze!

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